Sunday Stash #63

Oh goodness, it’s Sunday already and I meant to post this last night.  Today is my day for Sunday Stash, which raises a really big question – what do I choose?

It’s been so long since I blogged, I’m not sure I even remember how. *blush*

Molli suggests we show recent purchases.  That doesn’t narrow it down much for me – I may or may not shop just a little too often. lol

Molli Sparkles

I dug into the stuff I keep buy the sewing machine:

Sunday Stash

My most recent purchase (Thurday) is Minimalista by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I can’t believe I wasn’t sensible enough to stock this.

Sunday Stash MinimalistaThere is nothing I don’t like about this range, in any of the colour stories, but the black and white is hands down my favourite.

The purchase prior to Minimalista was from Spotlight and is their current range for Denyse Schmidt.  I don’t know what it’s called.

Sunday Stash DSOnce again, I love the colours, love the prints, love Denyse Schmidt.  She is my quilting hero.

Here’s the downside:  I hate the texture of this fabric.  The selvedge says “DS Yard Goods for Fabric Traditions” but this isn’t quilting cotton.  It’s described as “open weave”.  My friend Hilary calls it “gaping weave”.  I guess the best way to describe it is that it has a gauzy feel about it.  I will find a place for it in a quilt, but certainly not one of the ones I’m using Liberty Tana Lawn in.

UPDATE:  A friend did a shrink test of the DS open weave.  Huge amount of shrinkage – definitely pre-wash if you intend to use.

Not only but also, there is a giveaway. :)

Aio Has 2 Sisters Collage

Aoi Has 2 Sisters

A half metre bundle of these four extremely cute prints from Aoi Has 2 Sisters from Alexander Henry.  International entries are welcome. :)

Entries are open until 10:55 am AEST Sunday, 16 February.

(I stole the next bit from Molli. :) )

Now, show us what you got!

1. Link up a blog post welcoming any new sewing supplies to your stash.

2. If it is fabric from your existing stash that you’ve showcased before, please use new photos with as much natural light as possible, and provide as many manufacturing details about the fabric.

3. Try to leave a comment on at least two other links. We want this to be a safe space for sewing supply collectors, after all!

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    Hi Kate…Love the minimalista and am feeling that I will miss out if I don’t buy some soon, and i’m glad you commented on the open weave of the Denyse Schmidt Fabric. I have picked it up several times at my local and then put it back down as I was unsure about it’s texture.

  2. 6


    Have you got any plans for the Minimalista? My husband saw it this week (in a magazine not my stash sadly) and was quite taken with it, shame I’ve pledged to not buy for 6 months (although I suppose he could!).

  3. 7


    Love those minimalista prints. I have that DS in the yellow and the blue with dots, it’s regular quilting cotton. Love DS, I made a whole quilt with just her fabrics. :)

    Those goldfish are too cute! Thanks the chance:)

    • 9


      Hi Sarah, the range was released in quilting cotton (which didn’t seem to make it to Australia) so you very probably have that. You’d certainly know if you had the open weave. Kate :)

  4. 12


    I have seen the Aio has 2 sisters and thought it would make the cutest bag from Sew Sweetness, your fabric stash looks awesome! I am having trouble linking up though.

  5. 14


    I love looking at other people’s fabric stashes. I used to think mine was huge. then I saw two of my guild mate’s stash… I was just a beginner. Imgaine a room the size of a living room full (yes, full!) of fabric from floor to ceiling! Oy vey!

    I love your colour ranges. You do what I do, break down bundles and arrange by colour. But then of course, I learned from the best! 😉

  6. 18


    What a stash! Mine is not as beautifully organised and is just stashed in boxes. I really must go through them some time soon, I will be in for lots of lovely surprises I am sure :)